Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Recently, the good folk at Adafruit Industries introduced us to Sugru.

Sugru is an air-cured silicon material that's good for lots of things.
I used my white Sugru for fixing a frayed original iPod Touch cable.

There's an allergy warning on the package, and I have no idea if I'm allergic to these crazy chemicals, so I used my nitrite gloves.
The material was easy to form, and the repair is working great!
In fact, I used this repaired cable to transfer the photo from the iPhone for this blog post.

Next time I do a fix on a cable that has connectors where orientation is important, I will use a bit of contrasting Sugru to indicate which side is "up."
Permanent marker doesn't seem to work very well on Sugru, and it will just look cooler to have the color molded in.

I've become one of those Sugru fanatics. This stuff is amazing. Stay tuned for more projects!

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