Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wisestamp revisted

The last time I wrote about WiseStamp was about two years ago.
At the time I was thrilled with the service.
To recap:
  • Rich HTML email signatures in gMail
  • Ability to bring RSS feeds
  • Firefox extension

That original service worked great for me. But WiseStamp has not stood still in the last couple years.
It's now available for Chrome as well as Firefox. I use both browsers on a regular basis, so this is great for me.

They've added support for all the popular online mail systems including gMail, Yahoo!, Hotmail, and AOL.

 The editor just gets better and better:

Cleaned up menus and predefined templates.

The RSS feed feature is now a whole "App" system where you can add lots of different content blocks that show your latest post to Twitter, WordPress, eBay, or many other services.

I work with a PR firm that wanted to centrally manage all their employee's email signatures. It was one of their man concerns about moving to Google Mail.
Wisestamp solves that problem with their  Enterprise product.

So Wisestamp is perfect, right?
Well, almost....
Nearly every screen has an Upgrade button.
They really want you pay for the service. Which is perfectly understandable.
But what is not understandable is the pricing.
They still have a free version. That's what I'm using.

Next step up is $4/month. And they go up to $25/month.
First: That is WAY too expensive for such a service. Most people use free web mail. I pay $50/year for my Google account. I'm not going to another $48/year for better signatures. And I'm certainly not going to pay $96/year. (The "most popular" option.)

I put Wisestamp in the same category as Xmarks, LastPasss,,  and KeePass. Upgraded versions of features you already have.

I'm not willing to pay a lot for these, since I already have those features. The going market price seems to be $0-$1/month.
I'd like to see a version with everything but the enterprise features for $10/year.

Oh. And I must say the presentation of the pricing feels a bit sleasy. "Only $6/month. *Billed Annually)"
So why not just say what the actual price is?

The bottom line:
Product is still great, and constantly getting better.
Business doesn't seem to understand the market and I'm concerned for their long-term prospects.


  1. Check out brandmymail. It templates the whole email in addition to adding a signature. Empty areas in the email (typically sides and top/bottom, configurable with interactive template editor) can have content taken from your blog, flickr, ebay, facebook, causes etc.

  2. Thanks for the tip. BrandMyMail looks great. I look forward to putting it through its paces.
    It's a different approach (proxy email) than the client-side modification WiseStamp takes, but an interesting idea.

  3. Yep, the email proxy approach is what allows the more advanced stuff - adding sidebars, top banners, attachments - rather than just a signature...

  4. You can also use BrandMyMail similar to wisestamp but with better control over email signature and overall template.

    Nice examples


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