Friday, November 4, 2011

SwitchEasy Trim

I'm a big fan of SwitchEasy. In a sea of generic silicone phone cases, it's nice to see a company think outside the box. For previous iPhones, the Color and Rebel were some of my favorite cases. With my upgrade to the iPhone 4S last week, I ordered some of the iPhone 4 cases to try them out.

That all-glass iPhone is darned slippery. Had a few close calls in the days I waited for my new cases to arrive.

First up, the Trim.
I chose this because I like the engineering: The ribbed plastic band should provide good "crushability" to protect the corners of the phone. The rigid polycarbonate back should help protect the rear glass and act as a stretcher to keep everything tight. You can still see the Apple logo.
The case is available in 7 colors.
TRIM package contents

In the package we get the usual SwitchEasy overkill:
  • The case
  • Two (black and white) dock adapters
  • Two sets of seals (dock connector, and headphone)
  • Plastic card for applying screen protector
  • Two screen protectors
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Viewing stand
  • Instructions

Another view.
Package Contents After Opening Some Stuff

The case is very snug and requires some muscle to get it on. Once it is on, it is snug and secure. The molding is clean. The fit is precise. The seals fit well.

We've barely dropped below freezing, so I can't report on its cold weather performance.

I unfortunately got to test the protection a couple days ago, when the phone was knocked off a kitchen counter. Landed squarely on the corner - the best way to shatter your phone. The phone literally bounced.

Here's a view of the case in place:

Case Installation Testing

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