Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 Predictions

Life was pretty chaotic at the end of 2009, so I didn't get the Predictions post in.
Here we go with my predictions for 2011:

Google will save a cancelled TV show by bringing it to YouTube. With "Fringe" moving to the Friday night death slot, it is the most likely candidate.

The Open Internet will take a big blow as a major ISP attempts to create packages for specific web sites with metered service for out-of-package sites and services.

Apple has been resting on its laurels in the phone world, and the backlash will begin. Dropped calls and broken alarms won't end the iPhone, however. New carriers in the US will bring in a fresh batch of iPhone fans. But the early adopters will move on to the next cool thing.

Both Apple and Google will introduce apps on their TV platforms.
Microsoft will not create a set-top box, but choose to expand the TV features of the Xbox 360.

NetFlix will continue to dominate streaming content, but ISP restrictions will make it much more expensive for many consumers late in the year.

The Rim PlayBook will be a disaster.

The Kinect interface, and other technologies that let the TV "watch you back" will get a lot of interest, but the real push of speech/movement interfaces will hit the living room in 2012

Facebook growth will flatten out. End 2011 below 600 million users.

Twitter will not be sold. It will aquire a mainstream company.

US Congress will pass some ridiculously invasive legislation in an attempt to shutdown WikiLeaks

Solid State Drives will break the $1 per gigabyte barrier and become a normal option for most computers by the end of 2011.

Blizzard will announce the "unnamed game."

We will see the announcement of an open-source application suite for Android.

The Nissan Leaf will not find a market.

World of Warcraft will break 14 million players.

Google Chrome will continue to just be a technology demonstration.

Google will break ground on two of its wired cities.

All the iPad-specific periodicals will fold in 2011.

Tablets. Day 3 of 2011 and I'm already bored with the tablets. Expect hundreds of non-innovative tablets this year.

Your cable bill will increase. Probably with jacked up Internet fees.

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  1. One month in to 2011, no predictions have come true. Facebook has broken the 600 million subscribers mark, so that particular prediction isn't looking good.


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