Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ah... I Remember TV

I've gone without "cable" for well over a year. Maybe two.
The vast majority of my video content comes in podcast, DVD, or streaming internet form.
I have a nice antenna rig for over-the-air digital television but I rarely use it because I simply enjoy the other content more.

But this weekend, I watch NFL Preseason Football, Sunday morning news shows, and The Emmys in real time.

In Living Color:
Digital over-the-air is the way to watch events. Image quality blows away over-compressed Cable and Satellite. My friends and family have digital cable, and they don't understand why my TV looks so much better.


And a Word from our Sponsor:
The ads...
I had forgotten just how bad the advertising situation is in broadcast TV. The poor advertisers are paying for the repetitive and annoying interruptions. The networks are already brain dead and don't realize that more inventory does not equal more revenue. Ask any web publisher.

When a network shows me the same commercial four times in a single program they wasted my time, annoyed me, and diluted the value of their inventory.

On one medium-sized web site I worked with, we tried an experiment where we limited the total number of ad exposures a visitor would see in a given day. This drastically reduced our inventory, but even more drastically increased our CPM. And the users were thrilled that they weren't getting remnant network ads.

Hulu certainly hasn't learned this lesson. And the broadcast networks haven't either.

The TWiT Network, an online podcast and live streaming network has this figured out. Two "live read" ads per hour and a "billboard" at the start of each show. They have an incredible CPM and are making money in the online world where most do not.

We Return to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming:
I'll continue to use the antenna for sports, weather, and the occasional episode of "The Big Bang Theory," but I'll still get most of my video from podcasts.

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