Monday, January 19, 2009

Unboxing the SwitchEasy Colors

After looking at dozens of iPhone cases online, I found the SwitchEasy products.
These guys are designing some very sensible products. The prices are good as well, so I ordered the Colors case for my iPhone 3G. Heck, it's only $15!

I ordered directly from the SwitchEasy website.
Ordering direct, the shipping via was only $2.
Upon ordering, I received a confirmation email from SwitchEasy.
A few days later, I got a "processing" email from
A little over a week later, my package arrived via USPS (United States Postal Service).
I spoke with some friends who also ordered directly from the site, and they had a similar experience.
The product arrived in a fiber padded mailer.
Everything in a poly bag
Package Contents
Fully Unpacked

Package contents:
  • The SwitchEasy Colors Case
  • Cardboard "fake iPhone"
  • Screen protectors x2
  • Molded covers for the earphone and data connectors ports
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Small plastic "squeegee"

The silicon in the case is fairly stiff and the case has been very secure so far. The molding is cleaner than a similar Belkin case I have for my iPod Touch.
Buttons and ports all work fine with the case in place.
I don't use a docking base, but I assume the thickness of the case would cause issues.
The Colors case features a nice separately molded home button.

On the website, the home button is described as a "hard resin tactile solution." So I was expecting something like acrylic or Bakelite. It's much more like a stiff vinyl. Their "jelly bean" phrase more accurately describes the button. The button is actually a hollow shell with a bit of internal structure to stiffen it. Although softer than I expected, it has a very positive action, and I've had no problems with the home button. The only complaint (and it has not been an issue for me) is that because the button is just a shell, it is flexible around the edges and works best when pushed in the center.

I've never used a screen protector before because I think the glass surface is already pretty durable and certainly harder than any plastic screen "protector."
Since a protector (actually a pair) was included in the package, I figured I'd try it and toss it out if I didn't like it.
Installation was easy and forgiving. It took me three tries to get things aligned, but that didn't seem to hurt anything. A small plastic card is included in the package to help press out bubbles and burnish the film onto the screen.

I don't know if this screen shield is protecting anything, but it feels great! My finger glides on this surface more smoothly than on the plain glass. The surface is extremely shiny and it looks great.

Installing the case itself was trivial. Wiped down the phone to remove any dust and slid it into the slightly flexible silicon case. The buttons and access ports were all perfectly aligned. The covered buttons work as well, perhaps better, than before the case was installed. When I'm using the phone just as a phone, I use the earphone and dock connector covers. They look great and keep pocket lint out of the ports. These covers are small, and I expect I will lose them at some point. Some sort of retainer system would be nice.

One thing that makes absolutely no sense to me is that audio from the speaker sounds slightly louder. Don't know how or why, but it was a unexpected benefit.

The case adds less than 2mm to the iPhone. Not a lot of added bulk.

The case gets positive comments. At least a half-dozen people have gone and purchased one after seeing mine.
SwitchEasy has a winning product here.

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