Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Qwest: Still Clueless.

Why do I expect competence from Qwest?
I paid way too much for my Internet pipe for many years because I didn't want to risk having everything messed up. But I simply cannot afford the monthly bill anymore.
So, I'm changing a bunch of my services this week and one of them upgrading my DSL line.

The Good:
I was quite surprised when I called them last week and got an extremely helpful and knowledgeable person who helped me configure my new package of services just the way I want them.
This cut my bill by over 75% and will increase my incoming bandwidth by 800%.

The Bad:
Unfortunately, the competence ended with that phone call.
My existing DSL was terminated at midnight last night, but my new service doesn't go live until 5:00 tonight.
This isn't just a problem for my home office. I host my own DNS and servers. This will be my longest downtime for those servers in 10 years. And that includes a flood.
We're just starting, but let's document the service so far:

The Incomprehensible:
Initial call to change services: A+ outstanding
Qwest downgrading my service twice in the last 9 years while keeping my super-high price: Borderline criminal
Qwest forcing a minimum of 17 hours of downtime: Ridiculous
Qwest phone tree suggestion that for help with my DSL modem installation I should check the web site: Migraine
Qwest phone with natural language prompts and voice response: Just creepy

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