Thursday, December 18, 2008

More Cool Amazon Tools: Amazon Universal Wish List

In addition to the iPhone application and the "Remember" feature, Amazon has finally introduced a way to add item to your Wish List that aren't on Amazon.
And... they did it well!
(They actually introduced this feature a few months ago, but I just discovered it.)

Here's how it works:

1) Visit the Amazon Universal Wish List Button and drag it into bookmarks.

2) Visit a site with something you want some sucker to buy for you...

3) Click on the bookmark - it will pop up a window which allows you to specify the image and fill in more information about the item you want.

4) That's it. Your item can now be found on your Amazon Wish List. (OK - That's MY Wish List, but notice the BBC items.)

I think Amazon really did this right. All the links go to actual retailer, and users can add anything.

My family already treats Amazon as our official gift lists for Christmas. This new feature just makes that better.

No way to put my hand-dipped truffles on there yet...

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