Friday, December 5, 2008

iPhone App Creation... the Beginning

I already had Xcode and the iPhone SDK installed, but was a bit lost in the docs and sample code.
Picked up a copy of Beginning iPhone Development: Exploring the iPhone SDK, and it's been very helpful.

The book walks through the development of many sample applications and explores the Xcode IDE, and Interface builder. It's a bit light on Objective C, but it covers enough of Objective C's idiosyncrasies to help one get through the sample code.

So far, the book has moved a good pace, but with enough explanation that I haven't been totally lost. The authors employ a very conversational style that gives just enough detail and background at each step to give the reader the understanding needed for further development.

Adding an Image:
It's be nice if we could add an image to each row. Guess we'd have to create a subclass of UITableViewVCell to do that, huh? Actually, no, not if you can live with the image being in the left-hand side of each row. The default table view cell can handle that situation just fine.

After just one day with Beginning iPhone Development: Exploring the iPhone SDK, I have a much better understanding of the iPhone development process, and have been able to build simple applications.

I'll update this review as I get further into the book, but so far, it's been an excellent value.

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