Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Amazon Mobile for iPhone

Today, Amazon released an iPhone app called Amazon Mobile.
(According to the Apple App Store, it's been around since November 30, but it looks like it just appeared today.)

As you can see from the screen shot, it's simple and to-the-point.
The main page has a Search button and some recommendations.

The bottom navigation has Home (the main page), Search (same as hitting the Search button), Cart, "Remembers," and "More."

"More" get you to your Lists, and lets you manage account information.

"Remembers" is the interesting option. It allows you to take a picture using the built-in camera and save it to your Amazon home page. If the picture is a product, Amazon will attempt to identify it.

My guess is they're using the Amazon Mechanical Turk for the identifying. Looking at the text for "What happens to my photos?" we find:
We also use a community of real people to research your photo and try to match it to a similar product on
Over on the Mechanical Turk, I found a task "Find the product for sale on"
Find a product for sale on that matches the item in the photo.
Amazon is paying 10 cents apiece for these image identifiers.

The search results page is clean and gets you to the stuff you want to buy...

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