Friday, November 14, 2008

MacSpeech Dictate 1.2 Update

MacSpeech Dictate was already a very useful product, but I was often frustrated when trying to enter some of the technical or gaming jargon I deal with every day.
The 1.2 update has proven amazing.

The Spelling Mode allows me to easily enter weird things like "Ner'zhul" (The warchief of Draenor who became the Lich King).

Phrase Training is a drastic improvement over the previous method of pasting phrases into the scratchpad and having the software analyze them.
Accuracy has increased quite a bit for me.

Previously, I kept the "Available Commnands" menu hidden because it very busy and not too useful. The new version has a top section that show the commands used in the current context. So when I go into Spelling Mode, it shows the spelling commands such as "Caps On." Very useful now.

I don't need the 400 "Open applicationX" functions, but you can turn them off by un-checking the Generate Application Launch Commands in the preferences.

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