Friday, November 21, 2008

Lon's Lo-Tech Digital Camera Case

Someone just commented on my homemade camera case, so I thought I should write it up.

I use a very sturdy Sony Cybershot for photographing my NeoCube creations. (And pretty much everything else.)
I carry this point-and-shoot in my briefcase all the time so that it's available for saving whiteboard designs and spur-of-moment product shots.
I needed a camera case that would hold up to heavy use every day. Inspired by Apple's iSock, I created my own.
Just a big cushy sock and some bubble wrap.

The oh-so-detailed instructions:
  1. Cut the sock about 1-1/2 inches longer than twice the length of the camera.
  2. Cut a strip of small-cell bubble-wrap just wide enough to cover the length of the camera.
  3. Put the camera in the sock. Push it to the toe.
  4. Wrap the section of the sock with the camera in it with 3 layers of bubble wrap.
  5. Fold down the remaining section of the sock to cover the bubble wrap.

Cheap, durable (I've been using mine for about three years) and outstanding protection against things bouncing around in the bag.

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