Monday, November 24, 2008

Huge "The Guild" News! X-Box and Sprint Sponsoring Season 2

If you've been following Felica Day's Twitter stream, you know that she's been working hard to secure appropriate sponsorship for Season 2 of the The Guild.

After turning down many suitors, she signed a deal with Microsoft and Sprint.
For those with Xbox Live, you will be able to download Season 2 episodes every week starting tomorrow, Tuesday, November 25th for free in HD quality on the Video Marketplace. For those only on the web, episodes will be streaming on MSN Video in a world-wide release, subtitled in 8 different languages across the world. You will also be able to download episodes in the Zune Marketplace for your mobile viewing pleasures. Season 1 is being re-released today across all those platforms, with subtitles in some regions, and we put together an additional Season 1 gag reel to celebrate the occasion, which you can watch in our new, revamped player on The Guild site. Thanks to David from Microsoft, Edgar Garcia, Webmasta and Kirstin from England and WooThemes Ninja for making the site happen this weekend!
It's great to see an independent producer keep ownership of their work, but still find big-time sponsors to keep the show going!

It sounds like an exclusive deal. That's a little disappointing since I have the entire Season 1 on my iPod Touch, and I don't expect to see Microsoft supporting that. Great news for those Zune owners though!

Interestingly, the "MSN Video" Player on The Guild web site is in Flash. At least they're not forcing me to install another plugin. But it doesn't look like they have an embeddable version. That seems odd considering every other video service offers embeddable video.

And on a random The Guild note: You can follow Vork (the character) on Twitter. Awesome stuff.

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