Monday, November 17, 2008

Cutting the Cord

I find myself without any projects booked this week.

Sure, I'll bet the current state of the economy had to do with it, but I'm also realistic enough to know that I haven't been working as hard as I should on new business development.

And it's not just the business initiatives that have gone lacking, but many projects around the house as well.
During my time at zam, I worked very long hours, but was making enough money to not worry about keeping up the homestead. That established some bad habits which need to be broken.

In examining "where the time goes," I discovered that I actually do watch a lot of TV.
It doesn't seem like much but even a couple shows a day gets me into a bad habit of spending too much time on the couch.

So later today I'll be turning in my cable converter box and turning off the TV for the year.
I'm surprisingly anxious about this. I think that shows just how strong the television addiction is. And the people I've spoken to about this action have been amazed. Most people think it's an extreme step. And that's probably a good thing.

I'm already thinking about the shows I'm going to miss.
"Morning Joe," "Mythbusters," "The Daily Show."
I already get most of my tech news from podcasts, so missing G4 TV won't be a huge loss.
"Regular" news is going to be another issue: I plan to get a digital over-the-air receiver in 2009 I don't have a plan for news before then. Hopefully nothing newsworthy will happen that won't show up on my Google Alerts.

I can get Mythbusters for $50/season via iTunes, and they have The Daily Show for about $10/month. So that's under $30/month if I need to see them on the iPod.

I can also watch full episodes of The Daily Show at the website for free.

Can't find a stream for MSBC, so I guess I'll be going without.

OK. Back to World of Warcraft!

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