Monday, October 27, 2008


Originally, I saw the NeoCube on geekbrief.
I ordered mine immediately!

The NeoCube is 216 spherical high-energy rare-earth magnets.
NdFeB to be exact. Incredibly strong for their tiny size.
I know... the nerds are already sold!

Don't let the videos fool you, this is really a wonderful puzzle. Because each magnet has a North and South pole, not every configuration will "stick" together.
It took me a few weeks of playing around before I was able to create the cube shape.

The Good:
  • Years of entertainment.
  • High-tech.
  • Compact.
  • Jewelry! (Cali Lewis of geekbrief has appeared wearing one; my nieces made a number of pieces of jewelry out out of mine.)
  • Just plain cool. Everyone who visits my desk wants to play with it.

The Bad:
  • Finding a lost sphere. They don't become detached too easily, but when a ball goes rolling, it will often find its way onto metal chair legs, appliance faces or other unusual places.
  • Because of the incredible strength of the magnets, you'll want to keep them away from electronic devices, pacemakers, and cards with magnetic strips.
  • Not safe for children who might ingest them.
  • Callouses. I've actually developed callouses on my thumb and index finger from "pinching off" spheres.
Check the website, or YouTube.

Here's my creations to date:

I'll do a posting in November on some of the basic techniques.

This is the perfect gift for that nerd in your life.

I just found video tutorials on the NeoCube web site. This will save you tons of time in learning the basics!

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  1. The magnetic fields of magnetic balls are concentrated more at the poles than disc or block magnets. These balls are great for experimentation and magic tricks and are just plain fascinating to play with.
    NeoCube is consisted of hundreds of individual strong neodymium balls.
    You can create huge number of shapes and models according to your imagination by this amazing NeoCube.
    NeoCube is wonderfully suitable for experiments and combining with other magnets.
    No one who comes into contact with these magnets ever wants to give them back. These small but very powerful NeoCube inevitably arouse a sense of play.

    The more, the better.


  2. There's a Black Friday sale on NeoMinis starting today 11/28/08 and ending on Monday 12/01/08. Buy one get one Free!


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