Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dr. Horrible Costumes for Halloween

Yes, yes.
You liked the WoW Costumes, but really want the Dr. Horrible evilness!

What I've found so far:

Terrific resource at Multiple contributors maintaining a list of known vendors, as well as documenting costume projects.

MyDisguises also did an excellent job.

Doctor Horrible:

The consensus appears to be that the Goggles are from Fibre-Metal Products, model FIBVG800sH5.
A web search will give you a number of welding and safety stores where you can purchase them for under $20.

Lab Coat:
The Lab Coat appears to be Firefly prop.
In the real world it is a Howie Coat with a Chinese Collar.
I found an online source for disposable ones at Specialty Textiles in the UK.
Iron Gate Gallery is producing an excellent replica but booked up for Halloween 2008. Get your order in for 2009!
Otherwise, there are a number of Mad Scientist costumes that can be adapted by painting/replacing buttons and such.
The caduceus logo is a custom work as well. I searched online for pre-made embroidered patches, but it looks like all that sort of thing is made-to-order nowadays. The good news is that you can take your coat to your local embroidery shop have it done perfectly.

The gloves are white welding gloves.
All roads seem to lead to the Tillman Elkskin.

The white lab boots:
White Polymax Ultra Knee Boot
Or the budget versions:
"Shrimper" boots at Ace Hardware
A PVC chemical boot at

Captain Hammer:

The Official Shirt from J!nx.


Plain black gauntlets from Excalibur Leather.
These black gauntlets on Amazon have the buckle.

Or you can just be a groupie:

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