Tuesday, September 2, 2008

This is News?

Was working most of the day yesterday, but I walked by a TV showing CNN. Apparently CNN was showing nothing but reporters standing in path of Gustav. In the few seconds I watched, a reporter was watching a dog to see which way it would run. Some sort of inane commentary about how animals have instincts that would keep them out of dangerous weather.

I immediately turned the TV off and went back to work.

I was hoping that The Daily Show or some other comedic outlet would find that clip and humiliate CNN, but then I realized that's what all the 24-hour news stations were doing.

Don't devote more air to a story just because it's important. If you run out of actual news, change stories!

On a related note: Apparently all the reporters that had swarmed into St. Paul for the Republican National Convention grabbed their hip-waders and headed south.

I feel sorry for the Republicans -- the big dance got rained out.

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