Thursday, September 18, 2008

BBedit 9

I finally got around to upgrading my BBedit.
Had to go look up the price, because BBedit updates are one of those "automatic" purchases.
$30 + tax.
For those unfamiliar with BBedit, it's the premier programming text-editor for the Macintosh.
Most development tools on the Mac have support for BBedit even if they have their own text editors.

Some of my favorite items from the What's New page:

  • There is a new command on the Window menu: Show Scratchpad
The Scratchpad window’s purpose is to be a space where you can manipulate text by performing transforms, manual edits, or batches of copy/paste.

It is ideal for quickly beating text from one source into submission before pasting it elsewhere.

The Scratchpad window automatically saves its content and state, eliminating those pesky “Save Untitled 237?” warnings when closing a window, or quitting BBEdit.

The Scratchpad is also available from BBEdit’s dock menu.

Finally, there is a new item on BBEdit’s Services menu: Append Selection to Scratchpad. This command will take the selected text, and place it at the end of the scratchpad, attempting to preserve any selection that was previously present. The Scratchpad window does NOT need to be open to use this command. Any text appended in this fashion will be present the next time the window is opened.
  • When running on Mac OS X 10.5 or later, the “Colors” command is available on the Windows -> Palettes menu. This command shows and hides the system color panel.
  • There’s a new option in the “Insert Folder Listing” dialog: “Show invisible items”. If turned on, the generated listing will include invisible files/folders and the contents of packages.
  • Significant update to the JavaScript module. Better support for Prototype-style object definitions, more consistent throughout.
  • If you have a .Mac/MobileMe account, you can use it to keep your Application Support folder synchronized across machines. The preference to control sync frequency is located in the “Application” preference pane.
  • BBEdit now includes a set of clippings for quickly inserting and completing PHP functions. Thanks to Ted Stresen-Reuter for his generous contribution.
  • Added “Collapse Enclosing Fold” to the View menu; this command will collapse the auto-generated fold that most closely surrounds the current insertion point (or start of the selection range).
  • Ponies.
  • Text completion!

After using it for a day, I am pleased as usual with a Barebone product upgrade.
The Scratchpad is an obvious thing. I always leave an "untitled" window open for just this sort of thing with auto-save turned on. Now it's built in. Nice.

The PHP autocomplete popped up a few times. Seems nice, I'll have to see how much it actually gets used.

I was worried the new streamlined search modeless diaglog would not feel natural. (I hate it in WordPad.) But it didn't modify my regular search habits at all. And it seems faster/simpler to use.

I haven't found the promised ponies though...

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