Monday, September 22, 2008

Am I a Car Commercial?

Over the years, I've noticed that the music for car commercials can be found on my playlist.
Sure, not too surprising when it's Fat Boy Slim or Bootsy Collins. I started thinking this might be something seriously unusual when Bif Naked got a car commercial.
This summer, there was a huge TV campaign for a car that used a Garage Band soundtrack. I know it was Garage Band because I did a commercial a few years back featuring some of the same riffs.

This weekend, I saw a spot that had what sounded like a Capsule tune as the soundtrack. Capsule カプセル? That oh-so-tasty J-Pop that's been camped at the top of my play list all summer?

Maybe I should offer my taste-making services to Madison Ave...
Of course, this only applies to automobile commercials. Apple manages to finds tunes that aren't on my playlist.

Saw the whole commercial finally. (Workload is preventing much TV lately...)
I was wrong - not Capsule. Daft Punk "technologic."
Should have recognized it even from the little I heard, but stylistically pretty similar.

But still... Daft Punk in a car commercial?

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