Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My 00s Big Rant: Drop the Steel

In the 90's my Big Rant involved how ridiculous it was that every business person's desk in America had a 30-pound chunk of glass on it. Eating up desktop space and energy.
Here in the new century, that problem's mostly gone, thank goodness.

The Big Rant this decade is cars.

Ask someone if they'd mind taking a ton of steel home with them from work tonight. And bring it back to work tomorrow. After they point how ridiculous that request is, point out that they're going to do it anyway.
Why should I move a ton of steel to pick up a burger?
If you think about, modern cars and trucks are amazingly efficient - they get the gas mileage and performance they do while carrying thousands of pounds of steel around.

We have many alternatives. We are wasting an obscene amount of energy hauling this much stuff around.

Photo Courtesy FreeParking

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