Monday, August 25, 2008

Idiocy in the Newsroom. It's All About the Conventions, Baby!

CNN's latest poll shows the Obama and McCain tied.
First, I have huge issues with the poll: "1,023 adult Americans questioned by telephone." Really?
Although the pollsters insist that new communications technology doesn't skew their already questionable data, they really aren't counting the related behavioral shifts.
The cell-based people I know under 30 do not answer the phone for unidentified numbers. MUCH more willing to read an unknown SMS, though.

But assuming the polls are correct, CNN's analysis (and other reports I've seen on it) are horribly flawed. They all see the change (Obama was ahead in recent polling) coming from Obama's selection of Biden as running mate.

Perhaps way back on Wednesday, when the story was that the US would pull its troops from Iraq, people started thinking more favorably about the incumbent party? Maybe that could have something to do with it?

I understand where this is coming from. Every political reporter on the planet is covering the conventions, and they are locked in that world for the next two weeks. But really, they should at least try to remember there is a larger world out there.

Dunce Cap image courtesy Oldtimer4267

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