Monday, August 18, 2008

Google Calendar in Your Apple iCal!

On July 28, 2008 Google announced support for CalDEV. This means you can securely sync your Apple iCal and Google Calendars.

The process is pretty straightforward.
Basically, add an account to iCal and enter your Google credentials.
They say the initial sync takes "five to seven minutes" but it was more like 4 seconds for me.

The system still has some kinks.
  • Each iCal Account can only sync to one Google Calendar, so if you want to show multiple calendars, you need to create multiple accounts.
  • If you create an event in iCal, Google will show it on the calendar but won't send reminders/alerts. This one is the most serious problem for me.
  • And because of the one calendar per account limitation, you can't create new Google calendars from iCal.
Google has list of known issues:

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