Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dr. Horrible Ringtones

Oh man...
The Bad Horse phone call song is stuck in my head.
I haven't had a song burned into my brain this bad since The The's "True Happiness This Way Lies."

Dr. Horrible receives a call from Bad Horse:
He saw the operation
You tried to pull today.

But your humiliation
Means he still votes "neigh."

And now assassination
Is just the only way.

There will be blood.
It might be yours.
So go kill someone.
Signed, Bad Horse
I now have the ringtone on my phone. Just like Dr. Horrible!

Where to get 'em:

If you have problems getting ringtones onto your Verizon Samsung phone, you can try the method I used.

The site of the MIDI files has a number of transcriptions and MIDI files. Moses Lei has done an outstanding job getting the fans unofficial versions of sheet music and MIDI files.

Of course, we'll all pay for the official versions when they come out.

Now I know where the backing tracks are coming from for all those fan-generated videos...

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  1. Not *quite* right. My site has MP3s which are rendered through MIDI. The only actual midi up there is that Bad Horse Ringtone. (-:

    Also, another place to go for some synthy Dr. Horrible goodness is James Tauber's blog.

  2. What is that Liefam? All that comes up is related searches and a search box? It provides no information I request. And definitely no bad horse ringtone?? *confused* (I just want a Bad Horse MIDI- no singing chorus-- but its becoming a pain searching for one :-s )


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