Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Creating a Firefox Extension: Part 1

A serious problem when using ad networks is that we don't have a quick way to determine who sold a malware ad. Firefox 3 seems to have pretty thorough logging going on with the new Places API, so I'm jumping in. Wish me luck!

Step 1 - set up a dev environment
Created a separate user profile for my dev environment called devprofile.

I created the following shell script file:
$FIREFOX_DIR/firefox-bin -P devprofile -no-remote
where FIREFOX_DIR is the path to your Firefox application.

I installed a "dark" theme on the dev profile, so I can easily tell which instance of Firefox I'm in.

Set some Firefox options:

Step 2 - find a current tutorial on the basic of extension structure
After a surprising amount of digging, I found
Not really a FF3 thing, but as close as I've found.

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