Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Move to Blogger - Part 2

The move to Blogger did not go as easily as I'd hoped. The first issue was domain names. While you can use a custom domain for a Blogger account, you really want to use a subdomain when doing so. In my case I wanted to point the domain to my Blogger page. Blogger recommends using CNAME when pointing to the Blogger servers because they use a round-robin DNS. Since the null domain name has to be an A record, I couldn't really do that. The other issue with DNS on blogger is that the hostname needs to be an exact match there are no regular expressions. So going to will result in an error.

Oh, and don't try setting up a custom domain using the beta version of Blogger. It messes up the records and has to be fixed by a technician.
Technical support for Blogger seems to consist of a Google group. Trying to explain that I didn't make any mistakes and that the issue needed to be resolved by a technician just wasn't working.
Turns out that there is a form that can be used to resolve this issue. But no one on the support forum mentioned this to me. After some searching I found it on my own.

The Magical Custom Domain Form
The only real cure for "Another blog is already hosted at this address" error.

The Blogger themes seems to be fairly limited. After playing around with them a little bit, they seemed straightforward enough. So I should be able to get what I like.

And, the current version of the Blogger editor is very limited its formatting tools. Grouping text with pictures, and section breaks are both fairly difficult with the editor. Luckily, one can just hit "edit HTML" and make any required changes.

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