Monday, May 19, 2008

Email to Google Apps

The clock is ticking...
Have to get the email back online right now. No more time for playing around with server installs, so I signed up for Google Apps for Business.
I did not know if I needed multiple seats to support multiple domains, but extra money isn't an issue at this point.

The process: much easier and straightforward than setting up this blog! :)
Step 1: Sign up and plunk down $50.
Only problem: for my use, I only need one account. I didn't realize the admin account would count as an account, so I didn't use my primary name. Not a problem, because you can create multiple aliases.

Step 2: Create domain aliases and user aliases to cover all the mail addresses desired.

Step 3: Confirm your domain(s).
You can do this with a special CNAME record in your DNS or by putting a file on your web host.
I figured the web version would verify faster so that's the route I took.

Step 4: Optionally create a custom url for your mail login page.
Add a bunch of MX records pointing to the Google mail servers.

Step 5: Import existing mailbox.
If you're running Exchange, there's a program you can run. If you're currently running an IMAP host, you can transfer that way. Unfortunately, there are limits:
Messages larger than 20 megabytes (including attachments) and messages flagged with viruses will not be transferred. User accounts with more than 1800 folders on the IMAP server will not be transferred, either. Instead, they will be skipped so that the scheduled transfer can continue.
I suspect I'll have issues... :)

So far, the system is working fine. The visible spam is less than 3/minute, so I suspect there's a lot of stuff that's getting hard-filtered upstream. I'm seeing about 1 spam per hour get through, so I'm pretty happy so far.

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