Monday, May 5, 2008

Custom Ringtone on my Samsung SCH-U700 (Verizon Wireless) Gleam

Using bitpim, I had a slew of custom MIDI ringtones on my previous phone.
But until a few minutes ago, I had been thwarted in my attempts to get a (free) custom ringtone on my Gleam.

So here's what I did (this process requires a micro SD memory card)
1) Put in a memory card, turn on the phone, and format the card
2) Turn off the phone, pull the card and put it in a USB reader
3) Copy the desired file to the my_sounds folder
4) Unmount the SD card, put it in the phone and boot 'er up
5) Navigate to Menu:Get It Now:Music & Tones:My Sounds
6) Cursor to your file and hit the right smart key "Options"
7) Send the file to yourself
8) When you get your file, download, and set as a ringtone!

Verizon still got ding me for the SMS message, but I didn't pay for a stinking ringtone.


  1. Were you able to use a midi file for a ringtone on your Samsung Gleam? Or would it take only mp3 files?

  2. My current ringtone is the MIDI "Bad Horse Theme." I think I may have had to rename it to .mp3, but it's definitely working.


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