Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Thank God for Lawyers and Greedy Bastards

Viacom is suing Google for copyrighted content found on YouTube.

"But Lon", you think, "how can you call this a good thing?"

Well, Grasshopper, you may have heard my pre-web predictions that Copyright as we know it would collapse under its own litigious weight by the year 2015. With all the success Disney and other huge property holders have had in strong-arming Congress and with the RIAA's rabid propensity to sue to its own customers, I had pushed that date out more towards 2040.

But if we can just get everyone to sue everyone, then everyone but the lawyers will be bankrupt, and unable to affords to buy representation. The big corporations certainly won't be producing new intellectual property - they'll be scrambling to feed the lawyers class they've created.

But there is a downside. With no new entertainment product, America will have lost one of our leading exports. I guess that is already happening with Hollywood developing imports like The Office and The Ring.

At least we'll be leaders in military hardware until Russia gets its shit together.

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