Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Primary Responsibility

Last week, Governor Schwarzenegger signed a bill moving California's Primary day to February.
This, like most new about "primaries" caused me to yell at the TV.

Primary "elections" aren't public elections. They are closed votes limited to the member of private clubs.
It is my belief that not only should they not be held on public property, they should not receive any benefits of any sort from any level of government.

I follow the top three conventions pretty closely at both the state and national level. All the parties usually field pretty good candidates - none of whom get nominated.
By the time I get to vote (general election) all the candidates I could support have been eliminated from the race.

The primary system is just another mechanism by which our oligarchy stays in power.

Since I refuse to register as member of either of the two largest parties in the United States, I don't get to vote in Primaries.
And in our current system, that's the real vote. By the time the general election rolls around, you are left with weak choices.

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