Monday, April 24, 2006

Ani Rocks (But then you knew that)

Saturday night Ani Difranco returned to the Cedar Cultural Center after many years of playing larger venues. The "Little Folksinger" had been on a break from touring due to the physical effects of thrashing her guitar like a mad woman every night. :)
I remember my first Ani concert was at the Cedar, and was dumbfounded to learn that the LAST show she played there was in '94. Holy pooh on stick! Could it have been so long ago?

The set was simply amazing. In addition to the bass player she's been playing with lately (Todd Sickafoose) they added some percussion and mallet work from Mike Dillion.
A little more jazz. A little more reggae mon!

Ani's spot on the web:
The Cedar:
Gushing reviews:

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