Monday, March 20, 2006

Life of Crime

I spent this weekend helping a client who was burglarized. Auditing everything to see what the thieves took. Apparently, the modern criminal mind just ain't that bright.
I'm assuming these brain-donors were regular domestic thieves because they were clearly clueless about technology.
They took the Plasma screens. Good call, except that these were professionally mounted and since they didn't know to lift them off the mounts they yanked everything off of the wall. Congrats! They now have five-year old plasmas that probably don't work.
They grabbed a huge flat-screen monitor. Again, by yanking. I'm sure they thought it was a TV. Now it's junk. They grabbed laptops. Two of them even work. But they are secure against the sort idiots who do this sort of work. They grabbed an SLR-style digital camera, but passed on a bunch of other digital cameras.

We've got to get better jobs (or at least training) for our criminal class! :)
They did $50k of damage, yet probably got $200 of fence-able stuff.

Oh, but there is good news. The backup protocols I helped create got the entire company back online by start of business this morning.

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