Friday, October 20, 2006

Who's yer daddy?

This is the first blog posting on this new server.

I bought a new domain name and really inexpensive hosting from godaddy. Their admin tool had an option to install WordPress.
It took maybe 20 minutes to get this blog up and running. We'll see how maintenance works out down the road.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

How to be (nearly) Always Right

I claim that I am usually correct in pretty much any declarative statement I make.
How could this realistically be true?
Well, I read. A LOT.
I study. I experiment. I test. I attempt to think deep thoughts.

But with that, I'm probably only more likely to be right than wrong.
So how can I claim to right?

If I haven't studied, tested and pondered the subject to the point where I'm nearly certain of the answer, I just say "I don't know."

Monday, June 5, 2006

End of Marriage Ammendment

Why don't people understand the consequence of their actions?
Our Federal government is spending time this week on an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to legally proscribe the definition of marriage.
This is a waste of time and resources, since it's assumed it will not pass.

But more importantly, it just starts the ball rolling to inevitable condition where "marriage" will be a purely religious construction.

When I first heard about someone acquiring a marriage license I was very confused - why would you need a government-granted license for a religious sacrament? In the 30 years since then, I've still not seen a reason.

I'll assume that those with their undies in a bunch over gay marriage will have some success at the state level across America. If the government (at any level) starts getting into situations where legal definitions of "marriage" are being reviewed by courts, it's only a matter of time before it becomes clear that the government cannot be licensing religious contracts without creating a huge mess with the separation of Church and State. In that situation, the state will be forced to grant the rights/privileges currently reserved for married couples to many sorts of partnerships.

I personally believe that's fine, but I figured it would be another four generations before that happened. If the current anti-gay movement is successful, this could happen in one generation.

But perhaps I'm overestimating their chances of success. I heard a very interesting piece of information on this topic this weekend: statistically this only an issue for conservatives of a certain age. There are only a few election cycles left until this won't be a guaranteed vote for conservatives.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Ani Rocks (But then you knew that)

Saturday night Ani Difranco returned to the Cedar Cultural Center after many years of playing larger venues. The "Little Folksinger" had been on a break from touring due to the physical effects of thrashing her guitar like a mad woman every night. :)
I remember my first Ani concert was at the Cedar, and was dumbfounded to learn that the LAST show she played there was in '94. Holy pooh on stick! Could it have been so long ago?

The set was simply amazing. In addition to the bass player she's been playing with lately (Todd Sickafoose) they added some percussion and mallet work from Mike Dillion.
A little more jazz. A little more reggae mon!

Ani's spot on the web:
The Cedar:
Gushing reviews:

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Monday, March 20, 2006

Life of Crime

I spent this weekend helping a client who was burglarized. Auditing everything to see what the thieves took. Apparently, the modern criminal mind just ain't that bright.
I'm assuming these brain-donors were regular domestic thieves because they were clearly clueless about technology.
They took the Plasma screens. Good call, except that these were professionally mounted and since they didn't know to lift them off the mounts they yanked everything off of the wall. Congrats! They now have five-year old plasmas that probably don't work.
They grabbed a huge flat-screen monitor. Again, by yanking. I'm sure they thought it was a TV. Now it's junk. They grabbed laptops. Two of them even work. But they are secure against the sort idiots who do this sort of work. They grabbed an SLR-style digital camera, but passed on a bunch of other digital cameras.

We've got to get better jobs (or at least training) for our criminal class! :)
They did $50k of damage, yet probably got $200 of fence-able stuff.

Oh, but there is good news. The backup protocols I helped create got the entire company back online by start of business this morning.

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